Providing, implementing and assimilating a cutting-edge integrative IT and communications solutions for clients of a variety of sectors.


RTNC Group designs and oversees value-creating IT strategy and deploys cutting-edge technologies in order to optimize operations and efficiency.

Our projects include an elaborate planning stage, during which IT engineers and technicians perform in-depth analysis of the existing technological landscape and the future goals and challenges facing the client’s organization.


Combining our innovative management practices with in-depth IT expertise, RTNC Group provides a customized technology-strategy and IT architecture tailored for our clients’ specific demands.

Projects include a complete upgrade of existing systems in order to make its working processes more efficient.

Telecommunication Infrastructure & Access Control


RTNC Group designs and oversees the implementation of advanced IT and communications networks that better serve the organization’s internal and external communication requirements.

RTNC Group establishes the entire physical backbone for the technological systems of the organization, including data servers and advanced management software for supporting the different operations of the client.


Projects may also include the planning and implementation of comprehensive low-voltage security systems (including the installation of a camera and alarm system); a vehicle access control system for the protection of facilities perimeter; an biometrical system for ID-based access classification management; the establishment of a central control room for 24/7 real-time vigilance and video archiving; LAN network system upgrade to support larger data transmission quantities; the establishment of a complete, advanced telephony system that supports conference calls, video calls, regular telephone calls and documentation of all communication; complete and secure internet coverage; the establishment of cutting-edge digital archives; the integration of a simple and secure digital correspondence system, an virtual administrative portal and a wide array of multimedia systems.


RTNC Group is a Security Information power-house. As such, we plan and establish cutting-edge information security systems for the control and supervision of our clients’ critical information assets, and prevent unauthorized elements from accessing classified information.

By adopting a holistic approach that combines modern technologies with existing capabilities and systems, led by a wide know-how and operational experience, RTNC Group delivers value-creating IT infrastructure that optimize our clients’ operations and efficiency.