Technological Education & Training

RTNC is a leading international provider of educational services specifically designed to meet the growing demand for technological education.

The company’s portfolio includes a variety of services including syllabus and study material development; design of pedagogic tools, technologies, and simulators; and the establishment of complete state of the art training centers and academic programs in collaboration with leading academic institutions. 

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our diverse team of experts, we can offer the most relevant educational services at the forefront of industry development. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and proprietary products to optimize learning via on-site classes, real-time online seminars, or a combination of the two.

Our diverse portfolio of educational programs includes a range of industry-oriented courses designed to provide professionals with all the latest knowledge and tools. We also offer career change programs for individuals looking to retrain in IT or IS, and full academic degrees in IT, information security, and cyber.

RTNC is operating multiple cyber training centers around the globe. In addition to advanced courses for IT, information security and cyber personnel, these centers, which were designed and equipped by RTNC, are offering long term programs aimed to build the next generation of organizations’ cyber specialists.

The need for a broad, balanced, technical and experiential program has led RTNC to develop a 1/2/3/4-year cyber training programs offering both theoretical and practical training.

These programs include significant amount of practical and hands-on experience, achieved by incorporating real-life cyber technologies as well as extensive use of CYWARIA - our unique and innovative cyber simulator.

Graduating students leave with not only a certification or an academic degree, but a range of professional certifications and relevant real-life experience. Equipped with advanced cyber security toolbox, our students are required to cope with challenging simulated cyber-attacks, providing them the best preparation for the responsibility awaiting them when they graduate. They will prove a valuable addition to any employer, thanks to a combination of basic technical expertise and general analytic skills that prepares them to take on leadership roles in their chosen industries.

Our international graduates are already occupying crucial positions in our clients’ technological departments; playing a key role in shaping each organization’s infrastructure and security.