Data Centers and Platforms

Configuration, implementation and training

RTNC Group designs and implements local, regional and nation-wide data centers.

Data Center projects include planning a coordinated system, establishing new data centers in one or various locations, designing a data transmission system architecture for connecting between the centers, creating command and control centers and integrating the system within existing users that require its services.

Our team of experts performs in-depth analysis of a variety of demand scenarios in order to establish the precise data-center capacity requirements on a detailed design level.

On the basis of this survey, a modular data-center establishment and expansion plan can be established.

Data Centers are custom-built and provide a system that delivers expanded high-quality capacity, resiliency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

RTNC Group has executed numerous National Data Center projects in cooperation with local governments, involving the customer in the entire project life-cycle, jointly defining procedures, compounding a local team for the managing positions and the key trainers and other joint activities.

As all of RTNC Group’s projects, Data Center establishment includes an end-to-end training for all the different disciplines, from basic operation and maintenance, to certified network technicians and network architects.